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Alignment (Shaft and Geometrical)

Shaft Alignment: At the point of power transfer from one shaft to another, the axes of rotation of both shafts should be colinear when the machine is running under normal conditions

 Misalignment results in higher electrical power consumption.
 Coupling misalignment decreases bearings life cycle.
 Coupling misalignment decreases seals life cycle.
 Misalignment influences the normal machine and coupling temperature

Geometrical Alignment: Reliability Starts with Precision Alignment.
Bore alignment applications include:
• Stern tube alignment
• Rudderstock alignment
• Diesel engines
• Compressors
• Pumps
• Turbines

Flatness applications include:
• Flatness of machine foundations
• Flatness of machine base frames
• Circular and square flange flatness, including:
crane flanges, vertical propeller flanges and wind tower flanges
• Flatness of machine tool tables
• Comparison of machine half casings

Flatness measurement is one of the key measurements for determining the uniformity of a surface. A surface is perfectly flat when all points on the surface lie in the same plane. This is only theoretically possible, therefore the first element to determine is the flatness tolerance, within which all measured points on a surface will lie.

Level Inclination and Plumbness:
Level, inclination and plumbness are key parameters of rotating machine performance. The levelness of machine foundations is of particular importance to avoid the deformation of the base and housing due to the transmission of vibration through the various components down to the foundation. In most cases, flatness and level measurements are practiced together. Plumbness measurements include vertical shafts and surfaces. A typical application is the measurement of the vertical shaft of hydro turbines.

Level, inclination and plumbness applications include:
• Level of machine foundations
• Level of reference surfaces and bases
• Level of machine half casings (lower part)
• Level and flatness of drying sections of paper machines
• Plumbness of vertical shafts or surfaces
• Machine tool surfaces
• Alignment of hydro turbines

Monitoring of Machines Positional changes:
Monitoring machine positional changes during operation helps understand and control environmental factors that may affect your machine operating conditions. The biggest contributing factor for lowering the operating costs of rotating machinery is to align the machine using the real coupling target values. However, target values recommended by manufacturers do not always reflect the real thermal growth compensation values. Our real-time and continuous monitoring systems help to exactly determine the actual absolute and relative positional changes between coupled machines during run-up and coast-down.

Perpendicularity and Parallelism:
Parallelism and perpendicularity applications are very common industrial applications to improve machine geometry and production quality.Both measurements can be performed at the commissioning of the machine or after a few years, to check if the machine is still running within specifications.

Parallelism applications include:
• Crane rails
• Flanges of wind tower segments
• Faces of a press
• Any two surfaces like foundations of a motor-pump set
• Rolls of a paper machine (PARALIGN service)

Improved machine geometry help increase product quality, machine lifecycle and reduce downtimes. Straightness is one of the most common geometric applications in industrial environments. What is right on one axis might be bent on another. To check how straight a line is, both x and y axes must be measured.

Straightness applications include:
• Aligning headbox lips, suction sections and roll profiles of paper machines
• Measuring straightness of: rails, foundations of CNC machines, long machine beds
• Checking for runout on moving slides
• Positioning bearings and shaft supports over long runs
• Aligning long rail and track sections, etc.


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