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In-situ Dynamic Balancing

Field Balancing By balancing machines under operating conditions, we reduce unallowably high vibration loads by performing 1-plane, 2-plane or multiple plane balancing. The purpose of balancing a machine under operating conditions is to reduce vibrations, strain, bearing forces and shaft deformation to acceptable levels. Using VIBXPERT, PERFECT TEST HOUSE service and diagnosis specialists are able to detect and quickly eliminate imbalance even under difficult conditions. The balancing results are automatically compared to the evaluation criteria for the balance condition of rotating, rigid bodies as stipulated in the DIN ISO 1940 standard.

Manufacturing Defects
• Strain from rotor disk weld
• Improper paintwork or coating
• Centrifugal force deformation
• Difference in fit between the balancing Et ventilator shafts
• Blade cracks
• Blade sag

Installation Errors
• Loose or tilted hub-to-shaft fit
• Faulty axial blade mounting
• Imbalance on belt pulleys
• Bent shaft seat

Imbalance from Operation
• Solid and fluid inclusions in hub shell
• Fouling on rotor disk
• Imbalance on belt pulleys
• Bent shaft seat

Imbalance from Repairs
• Improper paintwork or coating
• Missing balancing masses
• Heat deformation
• Wear from solids
• Stray imbalances
• Droplet erosion
• Local corrosion
• Imbalance on coupling
• Detached coating


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