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Advanced Vibration Analysis (Turbine, Gearbox, Pumps and Building etc.)

Characteristic overall value (Level 1) measurements, however, are insufficient for precise localization of defects, as this requires closer analysis of the machine spectrum. Most types of damage can be detected by their characteristic frequencies or typical pattern of frequencies. 'Level 2' vibration diagnosis normally requires measurement of vibration signals using an FFT vibration analyzer by trained personnel who are experienced in interpreting vibration spectra. We will be happy to evaluate your machine conditions.

Critical Building Vibration from construction projects is caused by ground motion from general equipment operations, but is often highest during pile driving activities. Although construction vibrations are sometimes noticeable outdoors, they are mainly observed indoors. While it is conceivable for ground motion from construction projects to cause building damage, construction vibrations rarely cause even minor cosmetic damage to buildings. The primary concern is that the vibration can be intrusive and annoying to building occupants.

Why building vibration monitoring matters:
Vibrations even of a low magnitude can cause disruption to the local environment. Vibration monitoring is crucial to establishing the effects of vibrations from sources such as construction work to avoid long-term damage to surrounding structures. New construction works in built up urban areas or those which are adjacent to sensitive buildings will often specify vibration limits as part of a contract, to help to provide peace of mind and ensure the safety of buildings in the vicinity.


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