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Infrared thermography, thermal imaging, thermographic imaging or thermal video are all types of infrared imaging. Thermographic cameras detect the infrared radiation and produce images, known as thermograms, which depict variations in temperature in ferrous and non ferrous materials. Thermal inspection is an excellent tool for checking abnormally hot or cold areas on a component, maintenance of electrical and mechanical systems, areas of corrosion thinning on plant carrying hot gas or liquid, checking for fouling or internal plugging of piping systems, checking the quality of refractory linings, leak detection, composition changes and condition monitoring of laminates and others The portable nature of this method of Non Destructive Testing allows large areas to be compared in real time. It can be used as a preventative maintenance tool to determine the onset of probable failure. It can measure and observe areas where that maybe inaccessible to other methods.

Our team members are Certified Thermographers From Infrared Training Centre, Sweden.

Perfect Test House performs onsite thermographic inspection
Recommendation for the given Thermogram: As the working Temperature is 103.5°C and the rise is above 20.0°C. Therefore, we recommend checking of Yellow wire strand and wire for a bad connection. Advantages of Thermography: • Ability to perform inspections by keeping user out of danger when scanning electrical systems is under load • Minimizes unscheduled downtime by detecting the faults well before failure • Monitors tank and vessel levels from far distance • Ability to watch remote locations effectively .


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